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We enable companies to make smarter hiring decisions through transparent & innovative recruitment services. 

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Experienced and dynamic talent are the biggest growth driver for any business. 

Recruiting can be challenging; we're here to lighten the load off your shoulders. We're honest and positive professionals whose first priority is always the interests of our clients; providing capability, adaptability, and results.

Utilising our proven search and hiring strategies, amplified by our diverse candidate network, we unlock access to the high performing individuals who would never apply to a job advert. 

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Workk Smart Love Life 

The world of work has changed. Now that the uncertainty has started to settle, companies are proactively hiring again and the job market has become highly competitive.

Workk Life is all about working smart and loving life. We are committed to really understanding the skills you have to offer and sharing our knowledge to help you independently structure your search in a really effective and modern way so you can access the opportunities you want. 

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Previous Work

Office Furniture

Office Manager and Executive Assistant 

December 2021

Working closely with the COO and Office Manager to recruit a new Executive Assistant we created a recruitment framework to allow them to have clear guidelines and expectations about the process. 
We used our network of candidates, social media and headhunting to create a shortlist within a very short period of time, managed the interview process and filled the role within three weeks.

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Executive Assistant 

January 2022

Creating a new Executive Assistant role in their business this Hedge Fund in London engaged us to define the role and their needs.
We created a job spec with them that really outlined the role and gave them a list of relevant competencies that they could use to later interview the candidates. 
The role was filled after head hunting candidates with proven experience and creating a recruitment framework that outlined the process with a clear timeline.

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